How many of the signers were born in the colony they would represent in Congress?

34 of the 56 signers were born in the colony (eventually state) they would later represent in the Continental Congress.

8 signers were born outside of the American Colonies.

  • Button Gwinnett (GA, born in England)
  • Francis Lewis (NY, born in Wales)
  • Robert Morris (PA, born in England)
  • James Smith (PA, born in Northern Ireland)
  • George Taylor (PA, born in Ireland)
  • Matthew Thornton (NH, born in Ireland)
  • James Wilson (PA, born in Scotland)
  • John Witherspoon (NJ, born in Scotland)

14 signers were born in other colonies. The most notable is Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston but more known for his connection to Philadelphia.

  • Josiah Bartlett (NH, born in MA)
  • William Floyd (NJ, born in NY)
  • Benjamin Franklin (PA, born in MA)
  • Lyman Hall (GA, born in CT)
  • Joseph Hewes (NC, born in NJ)
  • William Hooper (NC, born in MA)
  • Francis Hopkinson (NJ, born in PA)
  • Thomas McKean (DE, born in PA)
  • John Penn (NC, born in VA)
  • George Read (DE, born in MD)
  • George Ross (PA, born in DE)
  • Roger Sherman (CT, born in MA)
  • George Walton (GA, born in VA)
  • William Whipple (NH, born in MA [now ME])

Interestingly, none of Georgia's signers were actually born in Georgia, and none of North Carolina's signers were actually born in North Carolina.